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This 10 Acres Choice Parcel is Only $5,000 Per Acre! 

California is expected to grow in population by over 40% by 2015 according to the US Census Bureau. Now is the time to secure your property befoer prices rise beyond your grasp. Enjoy the wide-open spaces now and also take advantage of rising land values. This large parcel, being so close to Los Angeles and in the County of Los Angeles, has great investment value. 

View of Ave Paved G, Only 1 Mile From Property. View of Ave G and 220th Street East 

View of Avenue F, Dirt Road View of Property

This 10 Acres Parcel is a GREAT INVESTMENT Parcel in North Los Angeles County At An Extremely Affordable Price!

This property, located only minutes away from Lake Los Angeles and East of Lancaster, makes a great investment for the future. You can use this parcel as a weekend getaway with your R.V. or camping until its value appreciates signicantly for resale. Lake Los Angeles, only 5 miles east of Palmdale city boundary has a population of 14,000.

The population influx from an overcrowded Los Angeles is already so substantial that the Antelope Valley's two anchor cities, Lancaster and Palmdale with a combined pupulation of more than 255,000, rank among the fastest growing communities in the nation. The cities of Lancaster and Palmdale and the unincorporated areas of the high desert will have the greatest increases, as an extra 6.7 million people are added to Southern California.

NOW is the very best time to make a strategic investment in vacant land parcels in Palmdale and Lancaster area, the Last Frontier of the Los Angeles County. The market is on its way up and we are poised to enjoy a long strong up period. 

Own your own piece of the American Dream. Invest in your future and that of your family. We all know how unstable the stock market is right now, but land in Los Angeles County is always a great investment. Property is a valued asset that you can own and use forever. Get ready to reap the great rewards a timely investment such as this can bring!

 IMPORTANT: Please read BEFORE you bid. 

  TERMS: Please remember that you are bidding on the DOWN PAYMENT ONLY. Please EMAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Call: (925) 395-1079 for any questions, before you bid

 No Qualifying!    No Credit Checks!

 No Balloon Payment!    No Closing Costs or Hidden Charges!

 No Prepayment Penalties! APR is Only 5% and the Balance is Fully Amortized over 8 Years! 

We use a "Land Sales Contract" and a GRANT DEED will be recorded in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, at sellers expense, when all payments have been made. Seller Guarantees Title to be Free and Clear of All Liens and Encumbrances.

  CONDITIONS: Your initialamount is for the downpayment on this property, and will be applied directly to the principal balance of only $40000. For example, if your downpayment is $1,0000, your balance would then be only $30,000 and your monthly payment is only $500 at 5% interest, fully amortized over 8 years, with no prepayment penalty. So your bid goes directly to your land purchase. The higher your bid, the less you owe and less monthly payment amount! 

  Cash Price: Only $45000  (5K Savings)!

  Winning bidder shall make payment by Cashier's Check, Money Order or Personal Check within 3 working days from end of auction. A Real Estate Land Sales Contract in the name of the buyer will be mailed within 5 days after receipt of down payment.

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