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Timber Coast Realty is a full service real estate investment and management company specializing in California homes and land. Since most of the properties are privately held, our property portfolios are unique and specialized.  Many of our tenants have chosen to stay with our company for many years because of our quality services.   We strive to provide the most affordable, yet luxurious living for many of our tenants and customers.  We also own some investments in lands.   We believe that preserving land for mineral right, natural resources, and open space will provide a better environment for the future generations. The principle management of this investment company is Mr. Kelvin Tse, MBA.  Mr. Tse has over 25 years of real estate management and investment experience and has participated in many of the complex real estate transactions and developments both for private and public companies. All Timber Coast properties are actively managed by Mr. Tse and his team of contractors and craftsmen. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.









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